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A short film inspired by a Trinidadian folk tale


Narrated and produced by Bobby Norfolk

Director/cinematographer: Kalina Mondzholovska

Second camera operator: Yavor Vesselinov

Editors: Kalina Mondzholovska & Yavor Vesselinov

Sound design/mix: Gaetan Chong 

Featuring: Yavor Vesselinov, Alaa Kamel, Justin Ra, Angelica Barlow, Courtney Goffney, Emily Eigler, Makayla Gordon, Jamila Ajanaku, Maxi Glamour



Callaloo is a folk tale about the cycle of love, unity and temptations that can lead us astray. The story takes place in a timeless place where the River People are happy and united. Washerwoman, a woman of pure spirit and symbol of fire, gives birth to Callaloo after a supernatural encounter with Papa Bois, father of the forest. Callaloo is born of no color, a mirror like being that reflects each person's true nature right back at them. He is a symbol of unity and love, and the river people prosper around him. However, Mancrab, the embodiment of evil and the antagonist of the story, learns about this and attempts to divide the people by various illusions and tries to defeat Callaloo. 

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