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A Photoshoot

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Disclaimer: "A Photoshoot" was written in a nonsense manner without much editing or second thought but what is false could very well be true. The image that goes with it was generated through ai for an equally absurd effect.


Fingers, long and endless, extending, reaching forward.

The sky is the limit, a ceiling, a foam board with clouds painted on the white side.

A directional light, hitting hard, contrast, at last.

A piece of glass behind another glass, an eye peeking through, glances.

A smile, wider than a face, dangerously opening, swallowing.

A body, wrapped in fabric, moving in slow motion, covered in lotion.

Big eyes, small heads, everything is coming together.

Wind whistling through a keyhole, vintage wallpaper on the floor.

A short man with a large mustache, waving, floating.

A three-legged dog walking around, yelling.

Steps echo, like a woodpecker on a tree, disparate, in a hurry.

Clicks, fingers tapping, shutters flapping, glee.

Exchanges, red umbrella, green hair, another layer.

A chant, a sacrifice and a secret handshake.

A man in the corner silently talking, a cricket, a pause.

Static, ecstatic, one thousand stills are fair.

Strong highlights, light shadows, a heroic pose.

Clothes flying, rubber arms slapping against the beat.

Hallelujah the shoot is complete.


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