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Freedom depicts a swan in a transparent glass of water. It is a cropped detail of the original image and the only version sold as a print and in a way its own stand alone piece.


The print is 20" x 24" in size (including white space), with the image itself centered in the middle measuring about 9" x 11". The image is meant to be framed with the white border around it, as that is part of the piece, which in itself gives the piece some "air to breathe", essentially allowing space for the photograph but confining it within that size.  The owner of the print has the option to cut it down and take away from the white space as they wish. 


Signed and numbered, as part of a limited edition of 200 prints. 

Freedom 20" x 24" Photo Print


    • Art prints are NOT framed
    • Smaller prints up to 12"x18" are shipped in flat envelopes and anything larger than that is rolled in a tube container. 
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