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Three wise eyes is originally a pen and colour pencil drawing on kraft paper. The number three can be found throughout the drawing, historically a spiritual number. Three can mean the past, present and future or birth life and death. Three acts as a bridge, to unite two. Around the three circles are six others, six being the number of creation. 


A limited edition numbered and signed prints of the following sizes are available:


- 11" x 14" - 150 prints

- 16" x 20" - 150 prints

Three Wise Eyes Art Print limited edition

    • Due to the odd size of the original artwork, a dark border has been added to each print to make it a total of the final dimension. For example, a 12x18 print is the full size of the artwork + a small dark gray border that fills the rest of the space. This is with the purpose to make the prints a more standard size for easier framing. 
    • Art prints are NOT framed
    • Smaller prints up to 12"x18" are shipped in flat envelopes and anything larger than that is rolled in a tube container. 
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