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Unblock the block

As a self-proclaimed artist with few works that really measure up to what is in my head, my dreams, and my goals plus a healthy dose of ego that screams in my head about how great I can be but how little I have done, there comes a time, after a long long period of nothing, a dry spell, a creative lack, a dire un-motivation, when one just needs to unblock the block.

Nothing has been produced in quite some time. I was warned in art school that once you become a real adult, bills will hit, responsibilities will drag you by the feet and balancing the act of living and creating (getting paid for it mind you) will be a challenge. So here we are, 10 years later, with thinly sliced periods of inspiration sandwiched in between much greater periods of languor, SOMETHING needs to happen.

There is no artwork to attach to this post, nothing grand or exciting, just figured this might be just what I need to unblock the block. And in order to do so, I will freestyle a poem without a second thought and what comes out, comes out.

A square block sits atop a mountain.

Tumbling down the hill, there is a rock

Out underneath the rock jumps out a frog

In order for the frog to escape

It sees a log and runs straight towards it

But the log doesn't think so it smashes the frog

Out from behind the mountain there is a bark, a dog

Curious and trained to chase after a flock

But there is no flock, just a smashed frog underneath a log

So it chases its tail like an idiot drunk off of eggnog

Out comes its owner wearing a fancy frock

And as he starts coming down the mountain

Out he goes, hit by a fallen rock.

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